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How do you talk to people you disagree with?

If there’s ever been a time that Americans have felt polarized and like they couldn’t talk to “the other side,” it’s now, during Donald Trump’s tenure as president. Political differences with “gray areas” and bipartisan support for key issues seem to have gone out the window with his election.

His supporters feel energized by his message and emboldened by his divisiveness. His detractors simply cannot understand how anyone could have voted for Trump. For many, just having voted for Trump is a dealbreaker because his win represented so much more than an election.

This week’s Divided States of Women tackles the subject of talking across difference, specifically across political differences. Is it necessary? Is it possible? Is it worth the energy?

We sit down with comedians Negin Farsad and Akilah Hughes and filmmaker Faz Aslam to talk about how and when to have difficult conversations you probably don’t want to be having.