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Liz Plank sits down with Hawaii Congress member Colleen Hanabusa

Hawaii is the best American state for women. Here’s why.

Liz talks to the Rollettes

Why do we take women’s sports less seriously?

Welcome to Divided States of Women

Liz with kids

There’s a lot of pressure on mothers to be perfect. Here’s why that idea is toxic.

Liz talks to restaurant worker

Why do we only care about sexual harassment when it happens to famous women?

Ninety percent of women in the restaurant industry have reported some form of abuse in the workplace. This is their story.

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The “Shitty Media Men” list, explained

How the argument over an anonymous spreadsheet encapsulates the debates of the post-Weinstein era.

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Most Americans see online threats as harassment

They’re less sure whether platforms should get involved.

Liz and Stacey

Why don’t we let women age?

Liz holding a tarp

We found the perfect solution for sexual harassment in the workplace

Vernā Myers talks about unconscious bias

It can be hard to confront our unconscious biases. Here’s why.


Meet the immigrant women fighting for their right to be treated fairly

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“Trust Black women” tells Black women you didn’t trust us before

The default is skepticism.

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“Feminism” is Merriam-Webster’s word of the year. It’s about damn time.

With 2017 bookended by the Women’s March and #MeToo, the choice only makes sense.

Liz Plank interviews New Yorkers about the lack of women monuments

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Why are there so few monuments dedicated to women?

American history does not give women equal representation, and that’s reflected in our statues

It's here: The backlash for exposing sexual misconduct

Liz Plank talks to Pastor Damele Collier about the rise in infidelity rates among women

Women are cheating more than ever before. Is this progress we should be celebrating?

Closing the "infidelity gap" is an unexpected turn on the path to equality